Czimer's Game & Seafood



Call for details on processing of meat and acceptance of delivery of carcasses.  All animals must be skinned and field dressed upon arrival.  All carcasses, portions, or boned out meat must be accompanied by proper tags and licenses.  Minimum 20 pounds required for specialty meat products.



Meat Processing

We will process your hunted large game into steaks, roasts, stew meat, ribs and ground for the price of $1.25 per pound, based on the weight of the animal upon arrival.  Your order of cuts will be vacuum sealed, labeled, dated, and frozen.  Trimmings will be ground, packaged, and frozen.


Basic meat processing includes the following:
Weighing and cleaning of animals.
All boneless cuts.
Packages freezer wrapped, labeled, and dated.
Coarse grinding of trimmings packaged into 2 pound portions.
Finished product immediately frozen.



Specialty Meat Products

Specialty meat products can be processed from your animals, however, there is a 20 pound minimum order to produce these specialty meats.



     Breakfast, Italian, Polish, or Bratwurst.  Rolls, 2 pounds each.
          $3.00 per pound
     Linked Sausage.
          $3.50 per pound

Jerky and Snack Sticks
     Prepared vacuum sealed packages.
          $4.50 per pound


European Head Mounts for Horns and Antlers


       Mounts, Skulls Cleaned and Bleached
           Antelope, Bear, Boar, Deer     $60
           Caribou, Elk, Moose, Exotics   $140




Please note that all payments for any processing services are accepted in cash only, no checks or credit cards.